In person

Oxfam International wanted to define its goals for the 2020 decade in partnership with its global community.

Together with Organisation Development Support and working closely with Oxfam’s Global Strategy Development Team, we designed a 3-day gathering in Nairobi for 65 internal and 55 external Oxfam staff and stakeholders.

The gathering needed to make sense of complex inputs (including 5 global transformative scenarios built from 250+ short stories about the future, developed by around 1,500 Oxfam staff worldwide) and suggest strategic priorities for the next 10 years.

The process had to be inclusive, participatory and accountable. In the words of a Nigerian participant, the forum’s “method of engaging participants really encouraged fresh thinking and active conversations. […] Oxfam had planned the forum to listen to the views of opinion formers, both internally and externally; and I thoroughly enjoyed the energy that resonated from us all through the event.”