Grow your in-house skills

We probably shouldn’t say this, but facilitation isn’t rocket science. It’s a skillset we’ll all need in an increasingly complex professional world, where stakeholders and opinions are more diverse and decisions are needed faster.

Our goal: help you acquire the skills and confidence you need to steer groups, teams, committees and boards without external help.

So that you won’t need us anymore.

Working with us

We work with clients who are ready to invest time and resources to genuinely raise their teams’ facilitation game.

We’ll first define the training objectives together with you. We’ll help you explore what it is you really want to be able to do when you think of facilitation. Is it increased skills? Specific techniques? Tips for heated situations? Practice time? All of the above?

Then, we’ll tailor a course to your team’s needs so it delivers exactly what you lack. It will be engaging and highly interactive, and will leave you with immediately-usable knowledge.


We don’t use full off-the-shelf solutions to design gatherings. We build every event up from its unique purpose


We tenaciously review our plans until we’re confident a gathering will deliver the outcomes we agreed


Our gatherings are designed by an IAF-Certified™ Professional Facilitator, guaranteeing the six core competencies that make professional facilitation valuable


We over-prepare. This way, we can change our plans with confidence if circumstances require


It’s just second nature: we survey participants after every gathering so our clients know what worked and what’s needed next


We work with our clients to strictly follow applicable public health guidelines throughout an in-person event programme (and only where professional events are allowed again)

Case studies

  • Wietse Van Ransbeeck, CEO
    Wietse Van Ransbeeck
    "Stephanie and Bruno trained our team of 35 in facilitation tools and techniques. We all found the training highly engaging and instructive. It will help us run better meetings in ever business domain, from internal development meetings to external client meetings. We greatly appreciated how Kumquat listened to our particular needs and used this input to craft the most relevant agenda."
    Wietse Van Ransbeeck, CEO
  • Carin Benninger-Budel, Programme Director
    "Your training and individual coaching on virtual facilitation was very instructive, interactive and pleasant to follow. Several team members said that it helped them better run their online meetings, which has been so crucial this year! We hope to work with you again."
    Carin Benninger-Budel, Programme Director
    World Organisation Against Torture
  • Sarah Cayrafourcq, Consulting Partner
    "Bruno delivered positively the best training we have ever had as a team. Bruno is quite simply a virtuoso trainer, with a unique combination of facilitation expertise, didactic talent and technical know-how. He works thoughtfully and flexibly with clients to deliver exactly what people need to learn and can use immediately. His work has already transformed the way we facilitate and has also improved our team cohesion and motivation in the process!"
    Sarah Cayrafourcq, Consulting Partner
    Prospero & Partners
  • Paul Hagan, Second Secretary
    "The shift to working remotely due to COVID-19 brought profound challenges. That’s where Bruno and Kumquat came in. Learning from a professional like Bruno helped open our eyes to the new possibilities that the current situation has brought. Our office has proceeded to confidently organise even more online events, based on the advice Bruno gave us."
    Paul Hagan, Second Secretary
    UK Mission to the EU
  • Tamara Fox, Director of Evaluation and Learning
    Open Society Foundations
    "Over the last three years, Bruno and his colleagues at Kumquat have worked with a dozen teams at Open Society. They have helped design and deliver events that consistently achieved their goals and received positive feedback; trained dozens of colleagues in online and in-person facilitation; and created first-rate resources on how to run effective online meetings that were widely distributed and easy to use. Kumquat has been technically excellent, a joy to work with, and delivered effective services while mindfully navigating what they demand of their partners."
    Tamara Fox, Director of Evaluation and Learning
    Open Society Foundations