Leverage online gatherings’ unique strengths

Your event must take place online? That’s just fine – especially for your budget, for your participants’ busy schedules, and for the planet.

You need an event that makes sense, that engages participants and that produces the outcomes you need. (And avoid turning participants into Zoom-bies while doing so…)

We’ll help you rethink what gathering online means in 2024.

Working with us

We’ll first ask why you want to gather, why online, and what you’d like to get out of it.

We’ll then explore scenarios to maximise effectiveness and engagement. We may suggest holding a series of shorter sessions, doing some work outside of live meetings, or adapting some other aspect. Our twin north stars: that we absolutely deliver your outcomes while your participants enjoy the best possible experience.

In partnership with you, we’ll design a plan that delivers on the agreed objectives and outcomes.

By the time your gathering starts, you’ll know you have delegated your online leadership to a safe pair of hands. We’ll welcome participants and guide them through clear, engaging and enjoyable steps.

Everything will be designed specifically for online. This means:

  • Shorter session times and more breaks
  • Less talking at participants, more genuine participation
  • Shorter but more frequent breakout sessions (usually for 2–4 people)
  • Using tools that are appropriate for your participants and their technological knowledge, and for your IT requirements
  • Freeing ourselves from the constraints of a physical event while leaving participants with a recognisable structure

We’ll then bring your gathering to a safe harbour. Your participants will leave knowing exactly what they achieved, and that they achieved it collectively.


We don’t use full off-the-shelf solutions to design gatherings. We build each one up from its unique purpose, so it’s sure to meet your goals.


We tenaciously review our plans until we’re confident a gathering will deliver the outcomes we agreed. We also use safe IT tools, up to enterprise-level security when required, so your data stays safe.


Our gatherings are designed by an IAF-Certified™ Professional Facilitator, guaranteeing the six core competencies that make professional facilitation valuable


We learn from the latest research and practice in online gathering methods and technology, so your gathering feels like it’s 2020.


It’s just second nature: we survey participants after every gathering so our clients know what worked and what’s needed next


We design effective online gatherings so your essential business can continue despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Case studies

  • Professor Phil Howard
    Phil Howard
    "Our online facilitation project had unique logistical challenges. The experience Bruno and his team at Kumquat have with efficiently managing prominent people – and getting the most out of them – allowed us to generate unique research and meaningful insights."
    Professor Phil Howard
    Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
  • Laetitia Veriter, Programme Manager
    Laetitia Veriter
    "Of all the facilitation processes we've followed, Kumquat's was the best we experienced as a team – and at a very important transitional moment. Bruno perfectly understood our needs regarding format, methodology and spirit. He developed a process ideally adapted to our situation and wishes, and we really enjoyed the journey! Not only did he greatly deliver as a facilitator, he also gave very good advice and ensured we were aligned all the way. We highly recommend his services!"
    Laetitia Veriter, Programme Manager
    Citizens for Europe
  • Jo Kelcey (Programmes Director) & Gordana Kelava (Programmes Officer)
    "Kumquat worked closely with us to design and implement our first virtual symposium. They were involved with multiple aspects of event planning from advising on the best tech platforms, to supporting external speakers, to developing a communications plan to maximize registration and participation. We also benefited from Bruno and Marie’s facilitation during the event, which was thoughtful, engaging and, most important, appreciated by our members."
    Jo Kelcey (Programmes Director) & Gordana Kelava (Programmes Officer)
    International Education Funders Group
  • Sandro Mameli, Transformation Officer
    "Bruno and Jeffer's constant attention and high professionalism – from ideation right through delivery – created the conditions for our online management retreat to unfold successfully. They offered context analysis, event preparation, and facilitation techniques of outstanding quality. By asking the right questions, they also helped us challenge our assumptions and make our management online away days more effective."
    Sandro Mameli, Transformation Officer
    European Parliament
  • Léonie van Tongeren, Fund Manager
    "I cannot recommend Kumquat enough. Bruno and Marie helped us put together tailored meetings and training, both offline and online, on numerous occasions over the past years. All events were highly interactive. I’m very impressed by their skillful facilitation, understanding of the field, creativity, and flexibility and generally feel we got twice as much out of each meeting thanks to them."
    Léonie van Tongeren, Fund Manager
  • Sarah Cayrafourcq, Consulting Partner
    "Bruno delivered positively the best training we have ever had as a team. Bruno is quite simply a virtuoso trainer, with a unique combination of facilitation expertise, didactic talent and technical know-how. He works thoughtfully and flexibly with clients to deliver exactly what people need to learn and can use immediately. His work has already transformed the way we facilitate and has also improved our team cohesion and motivation in the process!"
    Sarah Cayrafourcq, Consulting Partner
    Prospero & Partners
  • Ivan Donadello, Information Management Team Leader
    "Bruno and his team really helped us reach our goal. We defined our purpose together, Kumquat designed an efficient strategy and process and followed them step by step. Their deep understanding of our groups’ dynamics, of our working environment, and their creativity and flexibility brought us to a successful outcome even in time of crisis!"
    Ivan Donadello, Information Management Team Leader
    EU External Action Service
  • Sarah Sommer, Programme Director
    "We selected Kumquat for a sensitive and important exercise because we trusted them and their expertise in facilitating virtual conversations from previous collaboration. The delivery of this exceptional online strategy review process with our governing body exceeded our expectations and gained positive feedback from participants. Bruno has the ability to read the room (even if virtual), show flexibility where needed, and drive conversations to their defined objectives. Kumquat's professionalism with online tools empowered participants to engage meaningfully, whether used to virtual work or not, and even with limited time."
    Sarah Sommer, Programme Director
    European Programme for Integration and Migration