When impact needs creativity

You’re here because it’s your last or only chance to make it work – whatever ‘it’ is. ‘It’ can’t be decided the usual way. You think ‘it’ is impossible or very risky, and yet ‘it’ has to be discussed or agreed. And you know that now is a unique time to seize that chance.

  • You need to solve a conflict with a dinner. (Hint: the work starts long before the dinner.)
  • Your audience needs extra efforts to convince. (We’ll help you wow them before, during and after D-Day.)
  • Your participants are all aged 9–15, and love playing. (We can use play as a means to elicit meaningful opinions or feedback.)

Or you may not yet know what you need, but you know your project needs a very special type of care and attention to succeed.

We love your special request already.

Working with us

We’ll start with a deep 360º survey of your project: its history, stakeholders, objectives, stakes, traps, must-dos or must-avoids. We’ll ask what you want to realise, truly, by the end.

We’ll then get very creative. Our objective: come up with two to three scenarios to address your goal by thinking out of the box.

We may suggest bringing someone extra-special on board: a conflict resolution expert, a child facilitator, a theatre or improv teacher, a female religious leader or philosopher, a former convict… We may also suggest somewhere extra-special.

And with your approval, we’ll design a solution that lands right on target for your participants – on presentation, atmosphere, content, tone and results. We’ll deliver your special moment with our trademark professionalism, warmth and flexibility. But most importantly, we’ll deliver your outcomes.

Bring on the constraints, the limitations. But also be ready to bring boldness, courage and the right resources.

Because fortune favours the bold.

  • Director, Open Society Fellowship Program
    Kumquat has done an exceptional job in meeting my needs as Program Director, as well as my team’s needs when navigating a complicated strategy process. We rely on Bruno to provide objective, creative, and timely advice. His follow-through is impeccable. He develops clear and structured processes that take us smoothly through relevant steps, and enable us to navigate seamlessly as organizational priorities and considerations shift.
    Director, Open Society Fellowship Program
    Open Society Foundation