Helping seven senior consultants and account managers improve the quality and consistency of their online client meetings

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Prospero‘s team found itself delivering more and more online meetings for their clients. These included presentations, working group meetings, and strategy or decision-making discussions.

Our brief: help them deliver effective and engaging meetings with confidence.

We had to design a training that would be valuable to both junior and senior staff, with varying degrees of experience and confidence.

This is positively the best training we have ever had as a team.

We designed a bespoke training over three half-days, fitting around participants’ busy agendas.

Early interviews and an anonymous survey surfaced four needs, around which we designed the training:

  • to better design and plan
  • to deliver highly engaging meetings
  • to follow up and evaluate
  • and to build the team’s confidence as online hosts.

After the training, participants’ self-assessed skills increased 63% on average across all four areas when compared to pre-training data.

Overall, they shared a 95% satisfaction rate about the training itself.

Satisfaction survey

Information received in advance
Training contents
Interactive activities
The trainer
Tools used and demonstrated